Welcome to my plus/4 blog

This log is about my ongoing plus/4 activities. Mostly little things like concepts and images. Simple and easy things for ethusiasts and beginners like me.

I am not an exclusive commodore plus/4 fan, but the plus/4 was my first computer. I like all systems of that time, which often had much more better games and software than the plus/4. As a kid i looked with jealous to the other systems and often i wished, that my computer had the same great games. But nobody wrote that games.

That’s the reason why i often do concepts. For me personally it’s an interesting question: How would some of my all time favourite games or topics have looked on a commodore plus/4?

I like to connect the plus/4 to something which everybody knows. Like a character of a film, a famous arcade game, a song…etc. Therefore i (mostly) don’t create new things, but i port things from other worlds, and hope that it is kind of entertaining, because i personally find it entertaining and enjoyable. I am no scener, i have no ambition to show my skills or proove something. I like to tell stories and to share my passion with other people. The Plus/4 is my canvas and i like to bring my visions on it.

Feel free on my site, be inspired or write a comment, if you like. No registration is needed.