3d Engine in QBasic on the IBM AT 5170 (MS Dos 5.0)

14. Februar 2021

My newest project included the rebuild of an old IBM AT (512 kB RAM) for the port of the 3d Engine, which is originally written for the commodore plus/4 (64 kb RAM). Download the demo below.

Dowload-Link (Qbasic, DOS 5.0 only): 3dEngine26QBasic.zip

Plus4 3D-Engine on the Atari ST with colors

23. Januar 2021

With portability in mind I ported the 3d Engine for the commodore plus/4 on many BASIC System of that era (even to modern PC). The next major step is to bring colours to the renders. In Blender i (mis-)use Materials to define the colours of the faces, which are exported to the Obj-File. Here the promising first result on a Atari ST, which is my experimenting plattform for further developments and ideas. A plus/4 MultiColor version is in experimental phase (see screens) .

Dowload-Link (Atari ST only): Parrot3dDemo.zip

Preview Plus/4 MC Version:

SID-Tune: Feliz Navidad (Merry Christmas)

26. Dezember 2020

Merry Christmas, Frohe Weihnachten, Kala Christougenna!

PRG: felizsid.prg

Commodore Plus/4 Colors

23. Dezember 2020

The colortable of the 264-series

Download: colortable.prg

New release: 3D Engine 2.5

10. September 2020

3D Engine 2.5 is now released!

Improvements in Version 2.5:
– exported obj-files have to contain the face-normals.
– rendertime is reduced by another 40%
– you can render bigger model up to ~2800 verts, because of overall reduced code (20% less).
– reworked user-interface. The parameter-values are typed in directly now.
– arrays are dimensioned according to the available memory.
– improved render precision, because the face-normals are imported and not calculated any more.

Download: 3dengine25.zip

Youtube-Tutorial: https://youtu.be/Zo7tMpFoxLY
GUI-Demonstration: https://youtu.be/XaxkDzKriaM
U.S.S Enterprise Render Demo: https://youtu.be/3_W0HgqeFjk

3D Engine 2.0

4. August 2020

A new release 2.0 of my 3D Engine is now available.

I constantly improved the engine over the last year. The engine renders now 30% bigger models and the rendertime is reduced by 60%.

Yesterday the SpaceX Crew Dragon Spaceship successfully returned to earth and starting a new era of spaceflight. As a reminder of this important event, the modeldata of the „SpaceX Crew Dragon“ is included.

Download: 3dengine2.zip
Download: Ingenuity.zip (only model)

Solid States (Atari 800 3D-engine) conversion

1. August 2020

While reading about the history of 3D graphics on homecomputers, the program „Solid States“ for the Atari 800 from Tom Hudson was mentioned. Tom Hudson co-developed CAD-3D (1986) and Cyber Studio (1987) for Atari ST and then the famous 3D Studio (1990) for PCs. „Solid States“ is written in ATARI-BASIC and listed in the magazine „Analog“ in Feb. 1984 #16. As a fan of early 80’s 3D graphics i ported a part of code to the plus/4, leaving out the plotting and disk-operations. You find downloadlink of the plus/4 code and the link to the magazine below the screenshot.

prg: SolidStates.prg

Commodore plus/4 BASIC-Code: SolidStates.zip

Some screenshots from the magazine:
Analog Computing Feb. 1984 #16

Animated 3D model

4. Dezember 2019

I did my first 3D animation. I optimized my 3D-engine with the Shell-Sort algorithm. So many renderings in a short time are possible. This was done in one hour. The screens were combined in an animated GIF.

3D Engine for the commodore 64 now released!

4. September 2019

A Commodore 64 version of my 3D Engine is released now. Written in Basic 2.0 using Simon’s Basic extensions for the graphics. Have fun!

Download: 3dEngine64.zip

7th place at AROK 2019 in the wild competition!

4. August 2019

My friend MMS from the plus/4 scene came up with the idea of making a slide show und do an entry for the wild competition at AROK 2019 (3. August in Hungary). He made the slide show, i provided the the graphics from my new 3D-Basic engine. Finally we got the 7th place and a big applause during the presentation. Not bad for the first time!

Download: 3D_Dreams.d64