Blender Scalable Vector Graphics Converter

9. Januar 2022

I wrote a small converter-program for the plus/4 in .Net4.8 which converts Blender Freestyle SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) into sequential files (Seq-file). The Seq-file is loaded and interpretated by this small BASIC program:


This BASIC code can be easily converted to any other microcomputer (Atari, Apple, Sinclair, MSX, …) of that era. Please send me the code, if you tried this for your system. I want to include it into the converter too.

PRG: (You need DotNet 4.72)

Video Tutorial:

Some examples:

James Webb Space Telescope (Poster)

31. Dezember 2021

On its way to Lagrange Point 2. All systems nominal so far.
Conversion to the Commodore 16.
Image-Source:, images, Webb-poster

PRG: webb16.prg

James Webb Space Telescope (JWST)

24. Dezember 2021

The James Webb Space Telescope is going to be launched tomorrow Dec 25th.

The memory limitation of 64kb RAM makes its very challenging to render a 3D object like the JWST with over 40k of verts on the commodore plus/4 (or any 8 bit homecomputer of that era). But in Blender you are able to export the finished render in a SVG format file (vector graphics), which you can translate in drawing commands for the plus/4. Model is taken from the NASA 3d Ressource site.


Forndata Summer 2021

6. Juni 2021

This year i competed at Forndata Summer 2021 ( in the graphics competition with a three step 3D-render for the commodore plus4.

Some background infos:

  • The scene is separated into 3 renders with following order: boosters, shuttle and space station.
  • After each render the screen-memory was saved in a file, and then loaded for the next render as „background“ image.
  • The renders are done on an emulator in warp mode. Doing this on a real machine would take probably 1-2 hours or more per render, but its totally possible.

Model-specs (retopologized):
ISS: 1105 vertices, 1195 faces
Shuttle: 2504 vertices, 1733 faces
Boosters\Tank: 2699 vertices, 2165 faces

The base models were provided by the NASA 3D Resources site. I adapted them for this 30-40 year old computer. Thank you for inspiring me!

PRG: spacesh.prg

3d Engine in QBasic on the IBM AT 5170 (MS Dos 5.0)

14. Februar 2021

My newest project included the rebuild of an old IBM AT (512 kB RAM) for the port of the 3d Engine, which is originally written for the commodore plus/4 (64 kb RAM). Download the demo below.

Dowload-Link (Qbasic, DOS 5.0 only):

Plus4 3D-Engine on the Atari ST with colors

23. Januar 2021

With portability in mind I ported the 3d Engine for the commodore plus/4 on many BASIC System of that era (even to modern PC). The next major step is to bring colours to the renders. In Blender i (mis-)use Materials to define the colours of the faces, which are exported to the Obj-File. Here the promising first result on a Atari ST, which is my experimenting plattform for further developments and ideas. A plus/4 MultiColor version is in experimental phase (see screens) .

Dowload-Link (Atari ST only):

Preview Plus/4 MC Version:

SID-Tune: Feliz Navidad (Merry Christmas)

26. Dezember 2020

Merry Christmas, Frohe Weihnachten, Kala Christougenna!

PRG: felizsid.prg

Commodore Plus/4 Colors

23. Dezember 2020

The colortable of the 264-series

Download: colortable.prg

New release: 3D Engine 2.5

10. September 2020

3D Engine 2.5 is now released!

Improvements in Version 2.5:
– exported obj-files have to contain the face-normals.
– rendertime is reduced by another 40%
– you can render bigger model up to ~2800 verts, because of overall reduced code (20% less).
– reworked user-interface. The parameter-values are typed in directly now.
– arrays are dimensioned according to the available memory.
– improved render precision, because the face-normals are imported and not calculated any more.


U.S.S Enterprise Render Demo:

3D Engine 2.0

4. August 2020

A new release 2.0 of my 3D Engine is now available.

I constantly improved the engine over the last year. The engine renders now 30% bigger models and the rendertime is reduced by 60%.

Yesterday the SpaceX Crew Dragon Spaceship successfully returned to earth and starting a new era of spaceflight. As a reminder of this important event, the modeldata of the „SpaceX Crew Dragon“ is included.

Download: (only model)