Alfa Romeo 155

13. Oktober 2018

PRG: alfa155.prg

Alfa Romeo Giulia „Quadrifoglio“

6. Oktober 2018

I new improved picture of this wonderful car. You see the old and the new conversion in native Multicolor mode. See the clearer details in the front. Which version do you like more?

PRG: alfajuliaMC.prg

Agape (greek: love)

18. Juli 2018

When love (greek: agaph) lights your heart up and let it burn and shine like fire. (self drawn picture with acryl)

PRG: agape.prg


13. Juli 2018

PRG: bmwM1_hr.prg
PRG: bmwM1_mc.prg

Commodore 116 (2001: A Space Odyssey)

19. Mai 2018

Commodore 116 (Cobra)

19. Mai 2018

HP 9845 C Demo graphic on a C 116

18. Mai 2018

I found this wonderful advertise for the powerfull HP 9845 C (>30.000 $ in 1980) and converted the spaceshuttle demo for my C 116 (< 100$ in 1984). I Also made my own version of the advertise 🙂

Download the converted shuttle-picture.

PRG: shuttle.prg


25. Februar 2018

PRG: robocop2.prg


8. Februar 2018

PRG: ripley.prg


8. Januar 2018

PRG: cobra2.prg