3D Engine on different systems

11. Februar 2020

A lot happened the last months:

  • The 3D engine is still written in BASIC but bugfixed and optimized. Runs faster, can render models 30% bigger. Still no realtime!
  • I ported successfully the code to the Commodore 64, VIC 20, Amiga and Atari ST, Atari Falcon
  • I tried ports on the C65, LCD, X16 and Mattel Aquarius, but stopped because of bad handling emulators
Atari ST

Amiga 500

Merry Xmas 2019 !

26. Dezember 2019

PRG: xmas2019.prg

Animated 3D model

4. Dezember 2019

I did my first 3D animation. I optimized my 3D-engine with the Shell-Sort algorithm. So many renderings in a short time are possible. This was done in one hour. The screens were combined in an animated GIF.

Black Belt (SID Version)

17. November 2019

While heavily experimenting with SID and assembly for future slideshows with background-music, i enhanced this graphic with a SID tune. For plus/4 (and emulators) with SID-cards.

Download: bbeltsid.prg

Discus Thrower (Δισκοβόλος) 500 BC

29. September 2019

Commodore VIC-20 rendering experiments

7. September 2019

I made a Commodore VIC-20 version of my 3D Engine. Written in Basic 2.0, using the Super-Expander for the graphics and the most possible RAM-Expansion which leaves 28 K for BASIC. Resolution is 160×160 pixels.

For comparison the same model on a plus/4:

3D Engine for the commodore 64 now released!

4. September 2019

A Commodore 64 version of my 3D Engine is released now. Written in Basic 2.0 using Simon’s Basic extensions for the graphics. Have fun!

Download: 3dEngine64.zip

7th place at AROK 2019 in the wild competition!

4. August 2019

My friend MMS from the plus/4 scene came up with the idea of making a slide show und do an entry for the wild competition at AROK 2019 (3. August in Hungary). He made the slide show, i provided the the graphics from my new 3D-Basic engine. Finally we got the 7th place and a big applause during the presentation. Not bad for the first time!

Download: 3D_Dreams.d64

3D Engine with filled polygons

1. Juli 2019

If you reverse the colors (line 40) you get nice filled polygons.

3D Engine works on the commodore 128

24. Juni 2019

Today i tested the 3D-engine in VICE for the commodore 128. It works without any changes. Good news for C 128 fans. Since it has 128 kB RAM even more complex renderings should be possible.