Solid States (Atari 800 3D-engine) conversion

While reading about the history of 3D graphics on homecomputers, the program „Solid States“ for the Atari 800 from Tom Hudson was mentioned. Tom Hudson co-developed CAD-3D (1986) and Cyber Studio (1987) for Atari ST and then the famous 3D Studio (1990) for PCs. „Solid States“ is written in ATARI-BASIC and listed in the magazine „Analog“ in Feb. 1984 #16. As a fan of early 80’s 3D graphics i ported a part of code to the plus/4, leaving out the plotting and disk-operations. You find downloadlink of the plus/4 code and the link to the magazine below the screenshot.

prg: SolidStates.prg

Commodore plus/4 BASIC-Code:

Some screenshots from the magazine:
Analog Computing Feb. 1984 #16